Welcome to Quintessential Antique Dolls!

Sweet greetings, and welcome to my journal where I plan to share with you my own little enchanted realm of antique dolls. Most of my lovely ladies and children are china and bisque, but some are more unique and subtle in their origins. I look forward to introducing you, and to showing off their handmade or antique clothing, both in progress, and complete and modeled for you.

I fell in love with antique dolls when I was four. I have a vivid memory of visiting a home with antique bisque dolls on a high shelf above a bed. While I didn’t have the vocabulary or knowledge of dolls to know if they were Bru’s, Jumeau’s or Kestners, I was enthralled by their beauty, and I knew they were very old, even back then in the 1960’s.  I was allowed to hold one or two of them briefly. I remember holding a little bisque, probably about 8”, dressed in an old fashioned pale lacy dress made of soft fabric.  She had glass eyes and the softest hair in sausage curls. Then I was hurried off to a much less enchanting outdoor activity. But the memory of this brief encounter with lovely, and lovingly cared for, antique dolls has stayed with me always.

The doll pictured here does not live with me, yet she is a very lovely small Jumeau who reminds me of the enchanting dolls on that high shelf, all those years ago.



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