A Jumeau has come to live with me!

Oh My! Just look at who has come to live with me! A Tete Jumeau has just arrived all the way from Nice, France! What a lovely little lady she is, and she is settling in nicely after her long trip. Thank you to Sylvie for preparing her for her travels. This little lady tells me that her name is Miranda, which means “worthy of admiration.” Don’t you think it is fitting?. She has the brightest blue eyes, though she has a leg that needs to be re-attached and a crack at her neck that I will mend when I figure out how to detach her head. She had her face and hair washed, and is now wearing a blue bonnet to keep warm while she waits for her long hair to dry.

Many of my antique dolls are German Chinas, and I will introduce you to them soon. I did want you to meet Miranda right away. Bonne Nuit!!



2 thoughts on “A Jumeau has come to live with me!

  1. Thank you, Paula. I was not dreaming of owning an elite Jumeau, but there she was–the right doll with the right price tag at a time when I had the funding for her! We are glad she is here.

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