A Bittersweet Memorial Weekend Trip

Our travels over Memorial weekend were bittersweet. At Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, we were disappointed at the absence of our long-time favorite maritime and folk band, The Cutters. We were shocked to learn of the deaths of Teresa and Arwen not many months after we last saw them in 2011. Folklife will never be the same without you, our Ladies of the Sea. Sincerest blessings to Philip and Tyler. Go forth and heal.

I am ever in awe of the way things change. I expect people and places to always be waiting just the way they were when last I saw them. Here is a photo of Teresa (in brown) and an unknown woman dancing with my daughter, Brighde, at Folklife in 2007.


Our shopping during our weekend travels was fun with whimsically unexpected finds. Check out this “Mary Poppins” style hat with a spray of feathers, and the antique doll dress.


And this circa 1870’s china shoulder head was found, not at the antique store, but at the thrift shop across the street in Centralia!


We spent hours at the American Girl store, and Julie came home with us for Brighde’s birthday.


But the most whimsical dolls of all were found at a vendor stall right by the Northwest Court stage at Folklife. These felted wool dolls and garments are hand made in Kyrgystan, a mountain country that was once part of the USSR. I brought home two roly poly children and two cheerful finger puppets.ImageImage

Next week I get to study my new book on WordPress, and I” see if I can make this sight even better!


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