Red is STILL the color: Treasures from the Portland Doll Show


Red leather shoes with a low heel made for a young girl bisque doll.

Red is still going strong and lovable in my little world of dolls! The Crossroads Doll Show, in Portland the day after Valentine’s Day, wielded more red treasures, including these little low heeled bisque doll shoes.


Caroline looks quaint in her white antique dress while she waits for an 1850’s style pink print dress. Do the shoes work for her?

I was looking for shoes to fit the narrow, pointed ballet feet of Caroline, my little Greiner-type Kloster Veilsdorf doll. These shoes fit her feet, and I couldn’t resist buying such a fine pair of antique red shoes! But now I’m not sure that they are right for Caroline. Maybe I should make her a more primitive pair of boots from the fingers of a pair of leather gloves. That may fit the type of doll she is better. What do you think? She is in line to get an 1850’s style dress, similar to Ruby’s red dress, only in a pink print. It may be awhile, because I have several other dresses in the planning stages for other dolls in varying states of disrobe (!). And it takes me ever so long to get the dolls’ white clothes (undies) in order and actually cut and sew the dresses! At least Caroline has a nice antique white dress for now.


Valerie’s pretty shopping bag with the red shoes from her booth.

The red shoes were found at Valerie Fogel’s Beautiful Bebes Booth. If you get to peruse Antique Doll Collector magazine, then you have surely found Valerie’s pages full of sumptuous doll offerings there. Here are three exquisite bisque dolls, including a small Jumeau in a burgundy silk dress, that were offered at the Portland Crossroads show:


Beautiful Bebes just beg to come home! So sad that they are out of my price range!

Edith, with the lovely red boots you saw in my last post, received an antique dress with a red striped floral print, to wear until she gets her new stylish dress with the floral and bird print to compliment her lavish boots.


Edith and Caroline both model their red boots.

CROCHET was the other theme of the day. I found ever so many teeny crochet dresses for the littlest of the bisque dolls. A china boy doll with pink tint and side parted hair is modeling a christening gown with a fancy crochet hem detail. He is definitely an old enough lad to be breeched, and he needs some knickers and a waistcoat. Decisions, decisions! Who to clothe first!


Eight little crochet dresses and a pair of blue dungarees.

And here is the comic relief: I bought this little pair of bisque legs because I adored the mauve stockings on them. They fit perfectly with the plum colored crochet dress! “She got legs!”


She got legs! Comical!

Well, I have plenty of crochet inspiration now! You may be seeing some original crochet creations for my dolls soon! I’m wishing for more time to allot to the doll sewing. So, I’m off to create!


2 thoughts on “Red is STILL the color: Treasures from the Portland Doll Show

  1. The red shoes work! They look old . Ones you make will not look as old, in my opinion. Enjoy your e-mails. Hope

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