A Journey for Miss Ruby, Chapter Five: Lobsters and Moccasins


What do you mean. I can’t take my whole chocolate lobster catch home with me?

When Ruby woke up Friday morning, the sky was grey and the hotel parking lot was wet. They visited Max, the omelet chef, in the dining room again; then they were travelling in the Salsa Red Pearl van north from Portland just a little way to Freeport Maine, home of L.L. Bean.

L.L. Bean was like a shopping center all on its own with five different stores. It has been in Freeport for over a hundred years! They went in the door of the Hunting and Fishing store first where they saw racks stacked high with canoes, and racks and racks of rifles standing in rows on the floor. Then they looked at taxidermy animals under an open staircase. The animals were so still in their make-believe forest. Ruby thought that they should get their taxi and go back to the real forest.


“Look, she’s dressed like me! Can I go to that beach?”

Next they went into a corridor with lots and lots of pictures of L.L. Bean catalog covers through the years. Ruby found the ones she liked best–the ones without guns.

At the other end of the corridor was the clothing store. Miss Jennie tried on pants, shirts, and pajamas. Ruby became very bored. There were no clothes her size, not even dungarees. They looked at the gigantic L.L. Bean boot outside the Clothing Store entrance. It was so big that Ruby didn’t want to have her picture taken there.

When they were finally outside again, there was an ice cream shop, but they didn’t go there. Instead, they went across the way to the L.L. Bean Home Store. “Oh, no!” thought Ruby, “I’m going to be bored for longer!”  But just inside the door, she found something fun–toy log cabins, just her size.


“Looky, looky, a whole log cabin village!”

Then there were more things that caught her attention!


“I could take a bath in the bowl with the pretty blue fishes, but I would be afraid in this one with the lobster claws.”


“I didn’t know they would have boots my size!”


“What do you mean I have to choose just one pair?”


“All right, I choose the moccasins. They are sooo soft inside!”

After the L.L. Bean stores, there were more fun shops to explore. Ruby didn’t have to wait too much more for the big people to look at clothing. They went into a fabulous art store called Abacus, where they found sea shell art, recycled broken glass made into pottery dishes, and tiny cars and trucks made out of tin cans.


“I think I could drive this one!”

They did finally go in an ice cream store, and Ruby especially liked the chocolate lobsters (with soft claws) and chocolate blueberries at Len Libby Chocolate Store.

Ruby thought of Little Davie in her room at home in Oregon City, and about how much he liked his toys. She brought home a little tin can car for him.


“Thank you, Ruby! I’m glad you’re home.”

Touring and shopping in Maine for four days had been the best of times! It would soon be time to return to Uncle David and Aunt Lynn’s home in Connecticut. And there was a very SPECIAL shop that Ruby was looking forward to visiting there, where she would feel right at home.

To be continued . . .

Five vintage girls shopping

Girls having fun




A Journey for Miss Ruby, Chapter One: Preparations


“Hooray!” Ruby shouted, and clapped her hands. She was going on a journey! And this was to be a very special journey, all the way from the Pacific Northwest where she lives, to Connecticut in New England, which is the land of her birth. She tried on so many outfits deciding what to pack, that she hurt her arm and had to have stitches! She was a brave girl. It didn’t hurt much and all was well again.


Miss Ruby is a great girl now, almost five years old. Her friend, Miss Jennie, has helped her find many pretty dresses, bonnets, and coats that are her size. She couldn’t take them all! She is packing play dresses for the beach, pretty dresses for outings and visiting, bonnets to protect her from summer sun, and of course a teddy bear, a rag doll, and a book for long hours travelling. She is a little nervous about riding in an airplane, and has lots of questions. “Did you ride in an airplane when you were five?” she asks Miss Jennie. “Not a jet plane,” Jennie replies, “But my Daddy did take me flying in a little two-seater plane when I was six. Our car below, and the people, looked like toys from up in the air!”


Then, one morning, it was time to go. Ruby put on her travel coat, shawl, and straw hat. She said goodbye to all the dolls in her room who would stay behind. Then, rag doll and suitcase in hand, she was on her way!

This story that Miss Ruby would like to share with you about her travels this summer will come in chapters. She appreciates your patience in waiting for the “serial” chapters because Miss Jennie is not taking a computer along. May you enjoy summer adventures of your own until Miss Ruby adds more chapters to her story.


This is an antique family photo taken by my grandmother in 1926. The man is my grandfather, who I never met because he died when my father was young. The little boy is my father.