Dwelling in the Present

While it has been my intention to post an article on my blog about twice a month, two whole months have gone by since my last post! I can only plead that I have been dwelling in the present-time instead of in the past. If I had been dwelling in the time of my own teenage years, I would be remembering that I worked through my high school years, not participating in much of anything outside of the chess tournaments that my college-age boyfriend was obsessed with. So, in the present, I have been involved with my teenage daughter and her high school events over the past months.

We spent a day at Canon Beach with a friend in March.


See any whales?




It’s cold and windy, and FUN!


Prom was in April, and Brighde went with two friends.


No date is better–I can dance with ALL the boys!



My fancy hair style–just like the china dolls!



In May, we had the Spring Choir Concert and the Drama Musical. Generations was dramatic with it’s music and social issues in the decades from the 1960’s to–yes, the present. “Stayin Alive” was the fave dance! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take photos during the show with all the cool vintage costumes. Brighde wore two dresses of mine from the 1970’s, including a garish polyester sizzler dress that was perfect on stage for dancin’ with John Travolta! (Okay, it was really Alex.)


Yes, this is my favorite guy!



In June was the Dance Recital. Brighde’s dance was “Welcome to the Madhouse” where her role was, of all things, to portray a creepy doll!


I’m not in my usual sweet/sophisticated style today!



And then, to top it all off, we had a sweet sixteen birthday party!


Waltz first, then punch and cakes!

July is the time for us to take a trip to Connecticut, with a side trip to Brimfield MA for that fabulous Antique Fair! Time to delve into the past again . . .


Brimfield may not have much dating back this far, but Plimoth has some fantastic reproductions!

When I finally take some sweet repose by myself, I can gaze upon my serene dolls once more. Then I think about their original mistresses when they were young. Those young mistresses had their time in the present, too. Did Abagale Brounell arrive at a much anticipated birthday party with family gathered ’round? Maybe Irene stayed in the bedroom to watch the preparations as her mistress dressed up for a night out at a dance. Could Dorothy have been a silent sentinal as her mistress’s father or brothers went away to war? Maybe Mary Morgan was still at home when her grown-up mistress brought a new baby for her to see.

Time is a funny thing. Our dolls have been in the present time for a very long time. My dolls will wait and watch as I dwell in the present with my daughter as she grows up. Gee, wasn’t I just with my sons, enjoying the moment with them as little boys? My oldest is coming up on his 30th year now! So, I do not apologize. The past is always there to contemplate. The present is but a fleeting moment. Enjoy yours.